New release versions of our ILINX products coming October 2013

Check out all of the new features in our upcoming release of ILINX products scheduled for “mid-late” October 2013.

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Windows Phone 8 Features Detail Leaks

If you have not seen the features list, check them out here.  I think the most important items from that list is the tight integration between Windows Phone and Windows, the desktop version.  According to various leaked info this layer will contain the kernel, networking stacks, security model, multi-core processor, and multimedia.

It would be interesting to see how much of it is true later this year.

Is Microsoft Changing Strategies On Silverlight?

This article was recently posted on ZDNet, detailing Microsoft’s diminished mentioning of Silverlight in their keynote.  From the article, it sounds like Microsoft is positioning Silverlight to become their mobile development platform, with HTML5 becoming their main cross-platform focus.

This change in focus correlates with the increased popularity of Apple’s iOS platform.  It makes some sense that Microsoft would want to avoid have a proprietary development platform on iOS, as Apple has been pretty hostile toward’s Adobe’s Flash platform.  I don’t see the longtime rival acting any differently towards Microsoft.  In this instance, HTML5 makes more sense when attempting to reach the populous iOS market.

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Thoughts on Windows Mobile 7

InfoWorld published an interesting article last week where the author predicted the death of Windows Mobile 7, scheduled to be available later this year, and the author concluded that Microsoft should give up chasing the mobile space.

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