User experience design

Here’s an inspiration article about how to design a smartphone in a few minutes from Sami.

I especially like the last part about what it meant to design for the users.  It is not about throwing a bunch of features together and calling it a product, it’s about thought-out, fully vetted features that package in a nice and usable UI.


Migrating from MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server?

I ran across an interesting tool from Microsoft today that would migrate your contents from MySQL to MS SQL Server 2008 and SQL Azure, the cloud version.

I wonder when Oracle would release their migration tool.

There is one clear winner from this database war…the consumer and to that, I’d say let’s bring it on.


Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook?

Below is an awesome tool to use if you are planning on installing Windows 7 on a machine that does not have a DVD drive.  This tool allows you to put Windows 7 on USB drive and run Windows installation from there.

If you got one those netbook with XP on it and the machine has at least 1GB RAM and 1.6 GHz, I would format it and install Windows 7 on it.