ECM Best Practices: Unit Testing and NUnit

Everyone agrees that testing is a good thing. Not everyone agrees on how much testing is cost-effective and what exactly the kind of testing is right for a specific piece of software or product. But automated unit tests cam help you ensure your software is healthy.Software Unit Testing

Unit tests operate on the smallest possible section of code, on logical modules. In software design, a program of any decent size will be broken down into modules. These modules have inputs, outputs and behaviors. These inputs and outputs and behaviors are used by other parts of the program to perform work and can be monitored or tested by the test software.


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ECM Best Practices: Training

One of the most useful but less known trick in a fully managed Oracle UCM production site, for example ImageSource, Inc.,  is to prevent content editing on a web site.  By default, a managed or dynamic site allows the content owners to enter the contributor mode by navigating to web pages and hit a standard hot key Ctrl + Shift + F5.  This mode is all fine and useful in development and contribution servers, but it is a no no in a production environment.

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A Good UI Goes a Long Way

From the model, view, control architecture of programming, the model and control aspects are the undoubtedly the most important.   Without a solid back-end code base, an application might as well not exist.  However, from an end user perspective, the view can make  all of the difference.  After all, that is always their first impression of the application.

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