Workflow Automation and BPM

ImageSource Workflow Automation and Business Process Management for Higher Education

Accelerate your business: integrate process, information and systems.

Most campus administrative desks contain stacks of paper waiting for action; a decision, approval, routing, mailing or filing. Departments print, fax and mail electronic documents and information. Email inboxes are full of important attachments waiting to be reviewed. Where does the deluge of electronic communication and versioning reside at the end of the day and whose task is it to file the official record? Usually in Outlook files on people’s desktops where it is subject to being lost or deleted.

Working with paper-based manual processes is costly and inefficient, and causes significant delays in getting work completed. One of the largest drivers of campuses seeking to implement ECM is to automate processes with robust workflow functionality where human productivity and effectiveness are critical to business performance.

ImageSource provides creative, intuitive workflow functionality with simple, graphical implementation techniques allowing you to customize to fit any business process environment with minimal development. The sophisticated, open workflow out-of-the-box solution provides flexible, scalable integration tools that can be used to workflow enable ERP, CRM, HR and other business applications. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Supports ad-hoc, loosely structured business processes
  • Supports structured business processes with fixed timelines, disposition approvals and status reporting
  • Supports the automatic distribution of data and documents to individuals on both sides of the firewall
  • Handles approvals and automatic forwarding
  • Provides deadline tracking and escalation
  • Provides consolidated inbox and integration with existing email system, including email notification on routed objects
  • Provides on the fly routing of documents and information
  • Creates task checklists as references or mandatory processing tools
  • Provides easy access to information about the status of workflow actions
  • Supports roles and resource mapping

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