Web Content Management

ImageSource Web Content Management for Higher Education

Optimize the management of your web presence with ImageSource.

The ability to fill out applications, forms and complete transactions online is critical to providing your students with the information and services they need, and your staff the ability to effectively manage these transactions. Managing the increasing demand for fresh, accurate and consistent content requires an efficient system to control time-consuming routine tasks such as setting up new pages, making small adjustments to existing pages and maintaining consistent branding.

ImageSource can help your organization manage Web content authoring, design and presentation to multiple types of sites, portals and Web applications. Publishing content to Websites becomes less time-consuming with the necessary tools to easily create and customize components, including templates, layouts, fragments and navigation. The architecture, presented as a series of web services is quick and easy to deploy and is scalable across your campus.

Departments can administer their own content through familiar tools such as MicroSoft Word and their Web browser. Tracking and managing content, and having control over your site structure, organization and layout, reduces the resources needed to manage your Web presence, freeing valuable IT resources for other projects.

Contact ImageSource for more information: info@imagesourceinc.com

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