Records Management

ImageSource Records Management for Higher Education

A content management system without an integrated records management program is like a car without a steering wheel.

Hundreds of people –  staff, students and faculty generate information daily on your campus. It’s likely you have a retention program requiring certain information be kept as a record, but how do you sift through and determine which content is relevant and should be kept? Each record has different retention requirements and managing all the information over a period of years can be challenging.

Managing records today includes the entire life-cycle of the record from creation and use to storage and eventual disposal. In order to maintain your records effectively, you need to classify them so you can later find and retrieve them. ImageSource can automate the review, classification and disposition of both records and non-records content, as well as content in remote repositories such as file systems, content management systems, and email archives.

The Records Management module in an ECM suite is tightly integrated with all information entering the university. It addresses privacy, internal, external and public access to your records. Is is designed to help you identify, classify, and disseminate information according to your records management and retention policies or regulatory requirements governing the destruction or permanent archival of a record.

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