Imaging and Document Management

ImageSource Imaging and Document Management for Higher Education

Eliminate duplicate content, time spent searching for documents and manual data entry.

Higher education like other industries is inundated with paper and digital documents. The challenge over the last decade has been to understand the changing landscape of technology solutions available. More and more campuses are eliminating paper, however many have chosen archival systems that simply scan, store and retrieve.

ImageSource implements advanced capture and workflow solutions that allow you to automate business processes and integrate content with your business application data. A single platform serves all your departments, eliminating duplicate content and data entry.

The key to intelligent automation of business processes is the ability to seamlessly access content from your business applications such as PeopleSoft, Banner, Datatel, SAS or even homegrown systems.

The result is streamlined communications, automated routine tasks, and lower costs related to the printing, shipping, and storage of business documents. Other benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating servers and infrastructure
  • Decrease integration, administration, and training costs
  • Minimize risk of costly fines and penalties with simplified audit trails
  • Reduce risks in the event of disaster, theft, or loss
  • Cut storage costs

Contact ImageSource for more information:

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