Digital Asset Management

ImageSource Digital Asset Management for Higher Education

A strategy for digital asset management defines how you handle and manage all your digital content, much like a library so you can easily identify, locate and retrieve information. Managing your media files, marketing materials, catalogs, documents and other digital assets using a formalized method for cataloguing and storing provides optimal control and usability.

Today’s proliferation of video marketing and eLearning results in extensive large file media assets that are hard to store and distribute. A digital asset management solution will allow you to create renditions of digital content by turning large images, video or audio files into high-resolution or low-resolution resized or thumbnail versions based on configured business rules.

Digital asset management allows you to make your assets available instantly in the appropriate formats for use in print materials or Web sites. Other benefits:

  • Save storage space and decrease bandwidth usage by compressing files
  • Convert legacy images to a Web-friendly formats
  • Reduce manual steps in creating multiple renditions
  • Control access to corporate brand assets
  • Make all audio and video teaching and training sessions available via the Web
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