Access Mission Critical Information Instantly.

ImageSource has fine-tuned our product offerings based on our 15 year track record of building successful solutions for our clients. We have carefully selected the best ECM technology partners in the industry and understand when it comes to ECM, one size does not fit all. We design robust capture, imaging, document management and workflow solutions based on a careful analysis of your needs. Our integration methods allow you to access and re-use content from ERP, CRM, HR and other business systems.

Collaborate Effectively.

Collaboration between peers, various campus departments and students is fast and efficient with imaging and workflow. Most manual administrative processes can be eliminated completely through system automation. Other common tasks requiring human touch such as approval requests or document review can be streamlined, requiring less time and resources.

Reduce Operational Costs, Get a Fast ROI.

Our clients have realized a fast, significant return on their investment often within a few months after implementing an ImageSource solution. Replacing paper and manual processes provides quantifiable benefits, from time saved due to reduction or elimination of duplicate content and re-keying of data, to reduced storage space, reduced discrepancies and errors, and efficient auditing.

Contact Lynne Butler at ImageSource for more information:

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