Integration and Service Oriented Architecture

Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is a complete, integrated, best-of-breed and hot-pluggable SOA platform enabling next generation SOA capabilities through:

  • A unified and declarative toolset by which business users and developers can work together to develop business applications.
  • A single Business Process Platform with which to orchestrate people, systems and documents into processes that can be monitored and optimized in real time.
  • A 100% standard platform that is service enabled and easily consumable by modern web applications, allowing enterprises to quickly and easily adapt to changes in their business and IT environments.
  • Greater visibility, controls and analytics to govern how services and processes are deployed, reused and changed across their entire life-cycle.

The Oracle SOA Suite interoperates with and can natively run on a variety of middleware. This includes application servers, both commercial and open source, natively supporting heterogeneous identity management solutions, and rules engines.

At the heart of the 11g philosophy is Service Component Architecture (SCA). SCA is a new standard from OSOA that defines both an assembly model and a component model in a language neutral manner. It greatly reduces the complexity involved in integrating different systems by allowing the integrator to literally click and drag “wires” between components to connect them. This in turn reduces integration time and contributes to the overall agility of any SOA.

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