Oracle WebCenter Content

Fusion Middleware 11g

Single unified Web-based repository

Oracle WebCenter content is an open, enterprise-class platform that overcomes point system limitations by facilitating broad scale, flexible deployments. Imaging operates as an infrastructure supporting applications so it can be leveraged as a shared service that can be extended wherever imaging is required throughout the enterprise. Oracle WebCenter is a true enterprise-class solution providing version control, security, indexing and search, metadata subscription, and conversion of 500+ file formats to Web-viewable formats.

• Document imaging and document management

• Records management

• Digital asset management

• Shared services deployment model extends imaging enterprise-wide

• Embedded BPM Suite provides one platform for paper-based processes and system-oriented workflow

Document imaging and management

Document Management allows you to efficiently capture, secure, share and distribute digital and paper-based documents and reports. Save money and improve operational efficiencies by streamlining communications, automating routine tasks, and lowering costs related to the printing, shipping, and storage of business documents.

• Manages business content in native file formats

• Makes content easier to find, access, and reuse

• Controls the entire content lifecycle

• Integrates with your desktop applications

• Automates conversion to Web formats for easy viewing

• Generate and manage reports

Records and retention management

The Records module offers a scalable and flexible capability to systematically apply records and lifecycle management policy across your organization. Records features a central policy engine that serves as the single source for all record schedules and retention policies, providing records managers with a single environment to control and manage records and non-records content, and set retention policies on everyday business content such as file systems, content management systems, and email archives.

Records and retention management for both business users and records administrators include the ability to bookmark often-used parts of the file plan, easy copying of categories and dispositions, and integrated folder and records search. A records management dashboard provides a consolidated view into records administrator tasks and system performance.

• Centralizes records and retention administration

• Manages external applications and physical records using a distributed architecture

• Manages file plans, policies, and business rules from a central console

• Provides audit trails and certificates of destruction

• Allows users to put multiple “legal holds” on documents

• Certifies on Department of Defense 5015.2 Chapter 2 and Chapter 4

• Has adaptors for MS SharePoint, Symantec Enterprise Vault, portals and file systems

Digital asset management

Share your media files across your content management applications through an intuitive user-interface. Automatically create high or low resolution renditions and thumbnails based upon business rules, convert high-resolution assets into Web-friendly formats and story-board video to help you select key scenes. Convert native files to other viewable, manageable formats such as PDF, TIF and XML.

Content publishing

Publish documents and web pages to Websites, maintaining accurate, timely, and current Web content with consistent branding and presentation. Distributed roles through a three-tier user architecture, provide Web developers, site managers, and contributors with a focused, intuitive user experience. With rapid site deployment, content can be updated in minutes by content creators based on reusable templates, code and content. Content can be authored in familiar office document formats, checked-in and then automatically converted to HTML and made part of a fully linked website.

• Provides and easy to use interface to preview, contribute, update and approve the content of your Web site in context

• Provides E-mail notifications during workflow

• Publishes your content to a staged or live environment

• Provides security and library services, including full-text search, check-in or check-out, and version control

• Converts native content to Web-viewable formats, including HTML, XML, and PDF

• Updates, delivers or retires your site content automatically using scheduled publishing models


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