ECM Platforms

We deliver component-based or end-to-end technology solutions and make recommendations based on a careful analysis of your needs. Our platforms offer advanced capture, imaging, document management, workflow and web content management, and allow you to access and re-use content from ERP, CRM, and financial systems.We realize one size does not fit all and can offer a solution using the right technology for your environment. More >>

Capture Modules

Capture modules are designed to ingest hundreds of different object types – paper, fax, email, attachments, digital voice messages and photographs to name a few. The right capture technology can improve search, knowledge sharing, productivity and reduce storage space. In almost all cases, organizations receive a fast return on investment by reducing administrative resources. ImageSource can help you learn more about the many affordable capture technologies available. More >>

Integration and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Integration of information systems is still one of the largest challenges today. Separate systems are inflexible in adapting to changing business environments and duplication of functionality means wasted resources. Small fixes require large investments of time and labor and integration can represent 80% of IT’s budget. SOA packages functionality as a suite of interoperable services that make integration flexible and easy, business processes more agile and allow re-use of content. ImageSource provides a robust, proven industry leading SOA offering allowing you to lower costs, lower risk and maximize your existing infrastructure investments. More >>


In a business environment that’s always on, your data requirements can be unpredictable. You need an efficient storage infrastructure that optimizes information delivery 24-7, and provides cost-effective control over your resources. Our storage products include ProStor Systems, EMC, Hewlett-Packard and Plasmon.

Contact ImageSource for more information:

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