ILINX Integrate

ILINX Integrate allows users to seamlessly orchestrate the retrieval and display of images with virtually any application regardless of source—host based, Windows, Web or Citrix—with ECM or other line-of-business systems.

Requiring no development, ILINX Integrate can integrate whatever is running on your client desktop into a cohesive system that allows data to pass easily between two or more applications.

Business Benefits

  • Single point of access empowers desktops
  • Accelerates critical business transactions
  • Users access and distribute data with ease and intuition
  • Improves efficiency by replacing routine procedures—data entry, searching and saving
  • Provides a simple way to push and pull information between applications
  • Eliminates re-keying information or toggling between applications
  • Provides a common interface between an integrated set of documents, databases and legacy applications
  • Provides easy access and simultaneous viewing of multiple data types
  • Can handle data from any origin

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