ILINX Export

ILINX Export enables data and documents to be extracted from ECM repositories on demand, for migration and for managed exports at both the UI and API level.

Multiple, rammable interfaces, from GUIs to portals, can be used to intuitively export in a variety configurations and formats. ILINX Export enables disclosure, public access, controlled access, compliance and the compiling of select information for streamlining business processes.

Enterprise Server (API)

ILINX Export Enterprise Server provides an easy and consistent interface for the retrieval and display of images/documents from Oracle ECM repositories through standard Web service applications. To economically service a large number of external users, connection pooling can be utilized to reduce user access loads.

Workstation (UI)

Installed on end-user desktops, Workstation—or stand-alone mode—of ILINX Export allows individuals to access groups of documents from Oracle ECM software, then output the documents to a desired location, using meaningful file names. Using the querying power of Oracle, this flexible product extracts lists of documents, which can then be filtered manually.

 Business Benefits

  • Enables the posting of information for public consumption and/or credentialed users
  • Leverages Oracle Saved Search settings
  • Allows searches using a wide variety of search parameters, including index values, metadata, file names
  • Allows calls from any line-of-business application, including Web portals, Oracle, SAP, IBM WebSphere
  • Images can be pulled internally or externally from any programming language, including JAVA, .NET, ColdFusion
  • Streamlines the export of documents from Oracle systems, without added modifications
  • Designed to be used by general users, the application is intuitive and easy to master
  • Query Oracle, massage the result set & output documents via the internet (Enterprise Server) or hard drive (Workstation) with a few mouse clicks
  • Promotes compliance by allowing flexible search and simple access to information
  • In Enterprise Server mode, can pool a configurable amount of user licenses for export purposes, economically allowing Internet community access to image files, while reducing user access loads

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