ILINX Connect for EMR

ILINX Connect for EMR provides a custom integration, fluidly connecting Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with Kofax Capture and Oracle ECM software.

Business Benefits

  • Enhance patient care through accelerated flow of critical information to providers
  • Scan health insurance cards, consent forms, etc., without leaving the patient’s side, thus minimizing delays
  • Provides immediate information to providers and care givers, enhancing the patient experience
  • Designed for ease of use, the ILINX Connect for EMR integration promotes early adoption & requires minimal to no additional training beyond standard training for the EMR system
  • When scanning is initiated, Kofax is automatically launched, streamlining the capture process
  • Capture infrastructure can be re-purposed to benefit the whole enterprise
  • Featuring a powerful workflow engine and the ability to handle any type of document—including scanned images and faxes, reports, e-mail and other electronic formats
  • Various capabilities provided by Kofax, such as the ability to recognize and route faxed documents, may prove invaluable in other applications
  • Comprehensive features can be leveraged to benefit the entire organization—Enterprise Resource Planning, Pharmacy, HR, Billing/Revenue Cycle Management, Claims Processing & Claims Adjudication

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