How we provide help desk support.

Our customer service department provides qualified and specifically trained technicians to work with you at all levels of support including system maintenance. We provide rapid response and track all issues to completion. Our staff undergoes manufacturer training and certification, and are required to maintain a high level of knowledge and technical expertise about the products. We support your system administrators and in-house training staff, referring you to the right ImageSource technician that will provide assistance to make sure your system is working properly.

ImageSource supports over 600 clients globally with a fully staffed help desk, which is the front line resource for your system maintenance calls and user training questions. We offer varying levels of support based on your requirements, from full application services support to assisting you with your system until your technical staff is trained to take over the support function. Imagesource is committed to working with you to provide any level of service required to give you the highest value and return on your investment. In addition to support, we provide the following:

  • Design analysis
  • Application development assistance
  • Solution enhancements
  • Update and upgrade installations
  • Web development
  • Documentation


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