Washington State University

WSU streamlines administration with ECM

Admissions, registration, human resources and the graduate school.

Washington State University enrolls over 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students between its main campus in Pullman and its three regional campuses. As Washington’s only state university, WSU has extension offices in 39 counties, ten regional learning centers, numerous research facilities, and operates 25 small business development centers. WSU is a leading research institution and offers an honors college that is rated as one of the best in the nation.

Business Challenge

  • Admissions process was complex and multi-phase
  • Documents received from multiple sources at different times
  • Sharing information across many departments and branches was expensive and time consuming
  • Erroneous transactions affected several departments and were laborious to resolve
  • Limited functionality with existing proprietary capture system
  • Management and implementation by WSU’s internal IT staff required a flexible and qualified partner

Solution and Results

Beginning with Enrollment Management, WSU fully automated the admissions application process with Oracle Image and Process Management (IPM), a tier one enterprise platform providing electronic document management and automated workflow. As a team, WSU and Imagesource optimized the sytem, implementing Kofax Ascent Capture and Fujitsu scanners, and ILINX Release Script to connect Ascent Capture with Oracle IPM.

The IPM solution provides storage, indexing, retrieval and workflow processing. All WSU campuses scan and index local documents into the IPM repository, which now holds well over 500,000 admission documents. Additionally, WSU converted a significant number of back-office files to electronic documents and stored them in IPM.

WSU successfully extended the system to other departments including the Registrar’s Office, Human Resources and the Graduate School, and is currently adding additional departments. WSU is now able to accelerate information sharing, resulting in efficient, timely communication between departments and branches, increased productivity and significant cost savings.

For more information, download and read the full case study: WSU Case Study

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