University of California, Davis

UC Davis streamlines processes with ECM

Accounts Payable, payroll, health services.

University of California, Davis is one of the top public research institutions in the nation, engaged in teaching, research and public service that has helped transform the world. UC Davis is located near the state capital, enrolls over 30,000 students and has an annual research budget exceeding $500 million.

The initial implementation involved a partnership between the Office of Administration and the Health System. A robust system was needed so that the Health System, which has its own administrative units, could work collaboratively with Administration.

Business Challenge 

  • Lost or misplaced documents and time consuming searches
  • Tight storage space and lack of security
  • A/P processing heavy with more than 100,000 pages per month and over 4,000 users
  • Audits time consuming and labor intensive
  • Management of document retention complex and resource intensive

Solution and Results

To provide efficient business processes and back office functions, and adherence to compliance standards, the University partnered with ImageSource to integrate financial accounting systems with enterprise content management. They now have increased control, visibility and productivity, with the capability of expanding the system to support business processes in administrative departments across the campus. The major benefits of the system include:

  • Interdepartmental integration through shared access to common information
  • Extendable to entire campus in phases after initial implementation
  • Improved accuracy with automated data entry and optical character recognition
  • Web-based access to images through familiar, established user interface
  • Instant document access on campus or remotely, in secure, non-editable format
  • Record retrieval for audits quick, efficient and accurate
  • Enhanced records management capabilities including automated disposition
  • Ease-of-use provided by ILINX tools
  • Reduction of physical storage
  • Improved compliance
For more information, download and read the full case study: UC Davis Case Study

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