San Jose State University

SJSU Phases in Enterprise Content Management

ERP system integration, purchasing, admissions, transcript processing.

San Jose State University is one of 200 top research universities in the nation offering rigorous courses and research opportunities to more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The main campus is home to more than 50 major buildings on 19 city blocks.

Business Challenge

SJSU maintained multiple departmental document management systems that provided imaging functionality but did not address the automation of business processes. Sharing content and collaboration between departments was not possible and the systems did not integrate with the PeopleSoft student information system. The point solutions were not meeting the needs of the university and continuing to maintain them was becoming cost prohibitive.

Manual processes across the university were paper-based, laborious and slow. Part-time staff was hired each year in admissions to manage the large number of documents arriving from students during the application process. Additional on-site space was required to manage student services, as admissions processes could not be conducted efficiently online.

Other departments had similar problems and needed to automate various processes. Manual administration and slow cycle times in finance and purchasing causing missed early payment discounts and contributed to time-consuming auditing processes. The university reached a consensus to find a system that would solve the following problems:

  • Many siloed departmental imaging systems; software costly to update and maintain
  • Supporting documents and forms paper-based; excess resources required
  • Integration between systems not possible; manual processes and data entry
  • Content duplicated, misplaced and difficult to track
  • Sharing information and collaboration between departments not possible
  • Manual updates to PeopleSoft inefficient

Solution and Results

SJSU recognized the advantage of having an enterprise system and selected Oracle IPM now rebranded Oracle WebCenter Content. The service oriented architecture (SOA) provides the foundation for managing all information across campus, enabling universal access to content, interdepartmental collaboration, pooled IT resources and mitigation of risk.

Student Services – Transcript data is extracted to TS-130 file transactions and uploaded to PeopleSoft, with automated credit calculations. The student file is paperless and easily available for review by admissions, registration and financial aid.

Procurement – Data and supporting documents move in electronic packages with approval workflow routing across multiple departments.

Accounts Payable – Paper is converted to forms and electronic documents that are routed for approval. Employee reimbursement is fully automated. Processes are integrated with PeopleSoft and the A/P voucher application.

College of Education – Teacher certifications will soon be automated using existing shared content in the repository.

Registrar – The request for graduation process is currently being automated.

Human Resources – Multiple efficiencies are planned for HR including volunteer appointment and employee/student fee waivers.

Key Benefits

  • Content integrated with PeopleSoft and financial applications decreases processing times for multiple departments
  • Interdepartmental access to information and collaboration eliminates costly duplication
  • Electronic student folders speed student acceptance process; timely access to information provides ability to identify and recruit high-value applicants
  • Automated capture reduces errors common in manual data entry
  • Advanced capture of transcript data shortens processing times from six-eight weeks to two days
  • Workflow provides the ability to track documents and packages in process
  • Workers can view supporting documents without leaving the SIS screen
  • Distributed investment in technology, pooled IT resources and improve security

Departments Continue to On Board

The College of Education is currently underway, automating the teacher certification process. The Registrarʼs Office is preparing to automate the request for graduation process. Additionally, the system will simplify several procedures in HR, automating volunteer appointment and employee/student fee waiver processes. The A/P department will continue to grow their solution, automating travel and expense. Eventually, all departments will move to the new content management platform.

For more information, watch the SJSU video and download the full case study: SJSU Case Study


SJSU Fully Automates Transcript Process Utilizing ECM Technology from ImageSource on Vimeo.

To view case studies about other industry clients, go to the ImageSource main website.

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