San Diego Community College District

SDCCD implements enterprise content management

Student Records, Admissions and Financial Aid.

San Diego Community College District enrolls approximately 100,000 students each semester, operating three colleges and six continuing education campuses where enrollees can earn Associate of Arts degrees and certificates in occupational programs. Continuing education campuses offer adults opportunities to renew learning experiences through noncredit vocational, basic skills, life skills and enrichment classes.

Business Challenge

  • Student Records and Financial Aid required costly storage space for paper documents
  • Inefficient paper and manual system for processing, filing and retrieving admissions, financial aid and student records information
  • High number of errors from current optical character recognition system for reading forms
  • Collecting admissions and registration data from all required demographics time-consuming and costly
  • Utilizing proprietary system for forms costly

Solution and Results

ImageSource upgraded every major component of the document imaging and storage system, including OTG/Legato ApplicationXtender, Kofax Ascent Capture, Kofax VRS, Fujitsu scanners and the ApplicationXtender Release script. The Admissions, Financial Aid and Continuing Education departments are now automated, allowing the district to service more students in a timely manner with complete, accurate data. The benefits of the system include:

  • Faster admissions and registration processes for students
  • Paper storage decreased or eliminated
  • Student information accurately validated
  • Reduction of data input errors
  • Greater number of students serviced more quickly and efficiently
  • Internal control of all forms and documents
  • Reduced licensing fees and system costs
For more information, download and read the full case study: SDCC Case Study


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