Transcript Processing

Gain a competitive advantage in admissions and enrollment with automated transcript processing.

Universities receive thousands of transcripts annually arriving in a number of different formats, which must be processed and made available for review. This manual processing requires numerous staff working long hours. Student applicants have stringent submission deadlines and lost or untimely communication can result in an incomplete application and delayed or denied acceptance.

Traditional manual processes for student transcript review can prevent timely enrollment determination and require costly resources to manually key in data line by line. The evaluation process is arduous, often requiring the manual calculation of credits.

With advanced capture and automated workflow, software performs advanced line-item OCR extraction of unstructured table data from the transcript and generates an industry standard TS 130 transaction. Information such as student ID and application term are validated against your student information system (SIS) and a workflow event is triggered. Flowing through workflow queues, event rules proactively manage the process and update the SIS with the transcript data.

The transcript data is viewable from the screen allowing staff to analyze credits earned and GPA using a transfer credit calculator that totals accepted credits with a simple click. Staff can view the student admission documentation packet electronically by clicking a button on the SIS screens, never leaving the application.

For more information about student transcript processing, contact Lynne Butler at ImageSource

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