Accounts Payable

Boost departmental productivity and strengthen financial controls.

ImageSource is a leader in automating accounts payable systems and processes, decreasing the time it takes for data entry, exception handling and approvals. Accounts payable and expense management generate large volumes of documents and are paper and process intensive. An integrated content management system can significantly free up resources and reduce the time it takes to manage discrepancies, process and pay invoices.

Key features include well designed workflow that moves packages of information through the system in a timely manner for approval or rejection. Additionally, the ability to capture key fields and line item detail from invoices significantly increases accuracy rates.

ImageSource offers several tools to integrate imaging and document management solutions with ERP systems such as PeopleSoft, Banner, SAS, DataTel and others. We provide codeless integration that allows communication without making any changes to the ERP application. Data transfer rather than re-entry greatly reduces data integrity issues. Seamless integration provides imaging and workflow data and links accessible from the ERP client interface. The user is unaware that the imaging system is separate from the ERP application.


Access information instantly; speed transaction life-cycle.

Managing the supply chain from procurement to payment is a document intensive process requiring extensive collaboration and approvals. Supporting documentation is generated by requestors, buyers and vendors and requires routing for approval and processing. Most routing of documents and information is performed manually using email, fax or printed and delivered by messenger or mail.

Integrating content management with your financial systems allows your purchasing department to interact efficiently with your accounts payable department. It allows you the control and visibility over the entire life-cycle of a transaction by providing instant access to the supporting documentation you need for decision making. Documents such as requisitions, quotes, purchase orders, invoices, shipping and bills of lading are captured and stored, then pushed to approval queues where an automatic notification is generated to the appropriate person.

Key Benefits

Accelerate financial operations with ImageSource.

* Instant, accurate matching of invoices to POs and all supporting documents

* Significant decrease in time spent searching for information to resolve discrepancies

* Visibility of approver status

* Global visibility to a single instance of a document

* Reduced receipt to payment cycle time

* Increased visibility into financial processes

* Audit trail easily accessible

* Capture early payment discounts

For more information about solutions for Finance, contact Lynne Butler at Imagesource,

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