Enrollment Services

Streamline admissions processes with workflow automation.

Workflow automation and electronic document management have replaced outdated manual and paper-intensive admissions processing, dramatically increasing efficiencies.¬†Campuses realize they need to get rid of paper once and for all. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Why not now?

Having information at their fingertips gives admissions evaluators a complete view of the student profile and the ability to make timely decisions in the student selection process. Administrative efficiencies allow campus branches and departments immediate access to student records, while keeping files confidential and organized.

Processing a student application is complex and requires numerous steps. Supporting documentation – transcripts, test scores, essays and letters of recommendation arrives over a period of time in different formats. The solution is a system that captures, stores, retrieves and provides workflow to automate the admissions application processes.

  • Administrators can simultaneously access and view all documents from admissions and student records without the paper shuffle and hassle of routing hardcopy documents
  • Academic advisors and departments can view and print transcripts and other admission documents without calling the enrollment management office for copies
  • Regional campuses can process applications using workflow, permitting admissions documents to be quickly and easily managed and tracked throughout the entire process
  • Graduate and undergraduate admissions can utilize the system to review applications and make admission decisions
  • A single instance of a document or image viewed by all, allows you to re-use content and reap the rewards – freeing human and system resources for more important work ~

For more information about our solution for Enrollment Services, contact Lynne Butler at ImageSource, lynneb@imagesourceinc.com.

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