My digital life

I am fortunate to have a wife that let me use our living room as a playground and not having to worry about the wife acceptance factor for my toys like some of my hifi friends.  I got a bit of time this weekend so I decided to do some cleanup.

Current mess

Below is what I have before the cleaning.  Many of these devices were brought and some even modified by me over the years.

digital stuff

  1. Custom – with some help of a gentlemen up in Gig Harbor, WA, I built these Pluto speakers and the subs.  I have listened to and owned a few of the brand names speakers over the years including, JM Lab (owner), Wilson Audio, ProAc (owner), Joseph Audio (owner), THIEL, B&W and many more before settling on the speakers & subs above.
  2. Modified/hack from original.  I know I voided all the warranty on these.
    • DAC – brought the original equipment directly from a hifi dealer in China and swapped a bunch of stuff in there ever since.
    • Squeeze box – this little item is my digital source where it streams all the lossless songs from my laptop and feed that signal into my DAC, then to crossover, to amp, to the line filter and finally to the speakers.  Like other owners of this device, I upgraded the power supply, caps and others changes on the device.
    • Laptop – this used to be my desktop replacement with many little mods including an expense $500 video card for gamming.  Yeah, I was a bit nuts.
digital stuff 2

behind the mess above is another mess on the back

Things removed

Having brought and installed the Xbox to the system, I no longer need the external hard drive, squeezebox and its custom power supply, Oppo DVD player and two remote controls.  These items were removed:


Items Removed

Because I am using a custom DAC, swapping the Squeezebox out with the Xbox did not make any noticeable difference to sound quality.

What’s next

I need to buy a real media server to move songs, movies and pictures off from that laptop.  I like the look of the HP MediaSmart Server so I might pick one up when I get some time to work on it.

Quick speakers placement tips

Most speakers need room to breath so give them some space between the back and the side walls.  Also, placing a TV right between two speakers is typically not a good idea, move the TV a bit back.

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