Thoughts on Windows Mobile 7

InfoWorld published an interesting article last week where the author predicted the death of Windows Mobile 7, scheduled to be available later this year, and the author concluded that Microsoft should give up chasing the mobile space.

While I agree with many points the author made in the article, but I have to disagree with the author because he failed to consider two important points.

  1. Developers. Because of how Windows Phone 7 is architected, it will be able to leverage an army of .NET developers and making them Windows Phone developers.
  2. Microsoft cannot afford to give up or even get left behind by the competitors in the Mobile space. This market is too big and too important for them to ignore, and the mobile screen is the third screen (after PC and TV) behind their master plan as they try to recapture the Internet/Cloud. I think we will see Microsoft being a very patient player in chasing this market, just as they are now with the search market.

So maybe Windows Mobile 7 will not capture the excitements when it is launched later this year, but not taking the platform seriously, only because it is late, is a mistake.

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