ILINX Capture 4 Web Client Enhancements

Welcome to 2010!  Hope you all had a great holiday

Below are two of my most favorite features in ILINX Capture 4 web client.


Detachable Viewer

ILINX Capture 4 now supports detachable viewer – enabling the indexing panel to be on one screen and the image on another screen.



ILINX Capture 4 enables more configuration settings on the web client.  Both scanning options and confirmation prompts are now configurable


There also a tons of other improvements under the cover both on the client and server, but I find myself using these two features above the most.

Hope this helps.

2 thoughts on “ILINX Capture 4 Web Client Enhancements

  1. It is an intresting article.
    We are trying to implement IPM over here.
    Can you tell us how you integrate ILINX Capture with Oracle IPM?
    That will be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Bibs,

    We have an IPM release module that can be used in the document workflow to release images and/or index values to IPM.

    Please send an email to michelles at imagesourceinc dot com for more info.



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