failed due to the following error: 80040154.

As a developer, I install and uninstall all sort of programs on my system so I am not surprised when some weird and random error message popped up. I ran into the following error dialog today when I was writing some .NET integration code with EMC AppXtender.


This exception was thrown when I was trying to create the AppXtender DBConnection object.  So I fired up the AppXtender Document Manager to verify my installation and it ran successfully.

Going back to my Visual Studio project, I verified the Interop.AEXDBLib reference and that seems right.  A quick search on MSDN on error code 80040154 showed a list of COM errors on 32-bit OS, and I am seeing this error on my 64-bit OS.

The fix is to change the Platform target of my .NET solution to x86.


Hope this helps.

One thought on “failed due to the following error: 80040154.

  1. I had a similar issue and switching to x86 helps somewhat solved the problem, the only issue I have is that .NET would let me debug the code (it would not hit any of my brake point). I have another question about AX. AEXDBLib.ObjectFile object has a method CopyTo(), is there a way to get a file type. For example if it’s either DOC, DOCX, TIFF, of PDF, this way I can assign proper extension to the file when using CopyTo() method.

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