What the Heck is ECM?

ECM stands for Enterprise Content Management. Some folks refer to it as Electronic Content Management, but the basic upshot is that businesses and organizations worldwide are creating tons of “content,” most of which is electronic, but all of which needs to be managed.

Content is information and information is power, the power to know, the power to decide, the power to innovate and correlate. We all are surrounded by content, we are drowning in it. To survive (and thrive), an organization must acquire, sort, store, and be able to retrieve this information.

Taming content is a key to success in today’s information age. This blog will explore the world of ECM, with a specific focus on the software development activities which support the implementation of world-class ECM solutions. It is written by us propeller heads for other propeller heads and other technical people. If you find something here which helps or you have something to add, go ahead and add a comment. We welcome the discussion.


2 thoughts on “What the Heck is ECM?

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew. I am feeling my way through how to Blog for ECM with a mind on SoftwareDevelopment. I am a geek by nature, but I will endeavor to not get lost in the details, but keep the info accessible and informative.


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